If you love, you must love clearly! And if you love, you hardly need to love!

Love that is almost in love, almost in humor, it misses more than Bicheng. If not trusted, should be released. If you almost love, do not love anything, but if you love, do not hesitate, and if you do not hesitate, do not stumble. It's a waste of time to wait for a love that is almost as funny as this.

I need clear love, love that is not hidden. Love that trusts each other. Unconditional love. Love without fear of each other. Love that does not have to be afraid of the front, afraid of the back. Clear love. Emotion is not a toy, if you hesitate, do not play because it can shake hands.

I do not know if there is someone like me or not! For me, I do not know secret love or almost love. If I love, I love with all my heart, I do not love to joke. Also hate the heart.

I love it with all my heart and dare to do anything for the people I love.

We can also recruit people we are close to, no matter what kind of person we are! They can still receive us, that is happiness.