Walking to a point where you are tired means you are tired. - Pelklas ស្នេហា | Pelklas

Walking to a point where you are tired means you are tired.

# If one day we break up

Some come into our lives just to teach us how to live, but they do not come to live with us fully For life. So we just had a chance to get to know each other, read each other, share together, listen to some stories from Together and build some good memories together is also the best thing.

No need to require them They have to be with us forever, but just keep the good memories they had with them in mind. We are forever, that is enough. Even though we do not live together under one roof, have dinner together.

Read books together, sit next to each other, but still have the opportunity to be born in the same world and Take refuge under the same sky together.

No one can know that if we love each other today, one day one of us will be bored. Love to give to each other. But it does not matter to any day because it has not yet arrived.

But the important thing is today, this time. Today we have done well with each other and it will create good memories Tomorrow or any day.

We suffer from not being able to have the opportunity to live next to our loved ones when we All are alive, but we would be even more hurt if their presence were not here on earth. When we leave this earth.

Each of us asks if there is anyone who does not know how to get tired? It is okay to get tired, but do not get tired! That we have endured, endured, and discouraged.

Excerpt from the book # Breath