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Men who really love you will say these words to you after an argument

Arguing over love is not uncommon. No couple will ever argue and no two people have the same ideas and lives.

Sometimes: "The love of two people is like two wolves for the winter. Being close to each other will hurt each other, not being close and cold."

Sometimes it is like this! If two people are close to each other, they will hurt each other. If they are not close together, they will weaken.

Women are really good after an argument, as long as the man is willing to look at himself, say a few words gentle words.

In the process of controversy, it can be seen that men love or are in love. If someone disappears after that, it certainly does not love you very much.

If a person bows his head and takes care of you voluntarily after he argues, he is really nice and he really cares about you.

A man who loves you will say these words when arguing

1 Do not grieve, I will not quarrel with you

People are prone to anger and frustration after arguing and he does not talk to a man! But he is willing to sit sadly and cry! But if the man is smart, he will comfort the woman that next time you stop arguing with me. And!

2 It's my fault, do not be upset

When a man loves a woman very much, she will think of her and take care of her. He did not want her to feel sad. Even if it is an argument, men will embrace women and love women.

Every time there is an argument, no matter who is wrong or who is right, the man always apologizes first and says that everything is wrong, you are wrong, don't be upset!

3. I will not mess with you anymore, can you forgive me?

A man who loves you very much will not talk to you when he is arguing with you and arguing with you who is right and who is wrong, who will certainly not say something that upsets you, not even you. Arguing, he will also take care of your feelings.

Every time after an argument, I always initiate an apology because he does not want to see you sad, depressed, so he will start bowing to you and will say to you: I will not make you angry again in the future. Do you forgive me?

4. You can hit me, but please do not ignore me?

After arguing, the woman may be very angry, refuse to ignore the man, the man, like the wind, the cell phone does not respond, the newsletter does not return, the meeting did not say hello if the man loves the woman, he There will be a great concern for fear that the women will leave.

For a man who loves you very much, the scariest thing is that you ignore him. When arguing, he always tells himself that now he does not have to make concessions and must make you feel that you are wrong.

"You can hit me, but you can not ignore me" This is the last way he worries, I hope you make sense of him.